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Cold Room Calc
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Cold Room Calc 5.0 for Windows®


This computer program is designed for cold room refrigeration load calculations. It requires a minimum of input data to be entered, that are sufficient for most frequent tasks occurred in practice. The program can be used both by professionals and non-specialists in the field of refrigeration technology. The program works with dual units of measurement (SI and I-P).



  • Cold room walls orientation
  • Cold room envelope dimensions
  • Cold room envelope insulation characteristics and number of insulation layers
  • Characteristics of each wall, ceiling or floor:
    • internal - a ceiling or a floor
    • internal (opaque) - a partition
    • internal (glass) - a partition
    • external (shade) - a wall or a roof
    • external (light) - a wall or a roof
    • external (medium) - a wall or a roof
    • external (dark) - a wall or a roof
    • external (glass) - a wall
    • external (attic) - a roof
    • external (basement) - a floor
    • external (ground) - a floor
    • external (heater) - a floor
  • Percentage of each wall glass area
  • Adjacent space temperature for each wall, ceiling or floor
  • Cold room construction materials characteristics:
    • light
    • average
    • heavy
  • Cold Room floor shape description:
    • rectangular
    • L-shaped
  • Temperature of a freezer ground floor heating device



  • Products (up to 8 simultaneously) characteristics
  • Products net quantity
  • Refrigeration processing:
    • cooling/freezing for daily product entering
    • cooling/freezing for hourly cold room capacity
    • product storage
    • cooling/freezing during any specified period of time
  • Period of time alloted for cooling/freezing process
  • Materials and weight percentage of products containers
  • Entering and required temperatures of loads to be refrigerated



  • Climatic characteristics of cold room geographic location
  • Cold room temperature setpoint
  • Cold room air characteristics:
    • regular air ambient
    • modified gas ambient
  • Cold room relative humidity
  • Cold room volume air ventilation rate
  • Minimal outdoor air supply rate
  • Cold room gas flow rate (modified ambient)
  • Cold room gas flow temperature (modified ambient)
  • Cold room gas oxygen content (modified ambient)
  • Temperature of soil beneath the cold room floor
  • Service (internal) heat gains as a percent or detailed from different sources:
    • doors
      • by air change estimating method
      • by air velocity estimating method
    • people
    • lighting
    • motors
  • Safety factor


Data Bases

The program is supplied with the databases on elements of refrigeration heat insulation, types of food products and climatic characteristics of different geographic locations. The entries in these databases can be easily added, deleted and edited by the user.



  • Insulation name
  • Standard layer thickness
  • Insulation material thermal transmittance coefficient



  • Product name
  • Product water content
  • Highest product water freezing point
  • Specific heat capacities above and below freezing point
  • Respiration specific heat gain
  • Respiration temperature rate coefficient



  • City name
  • Geographic location latitude
  • Summer design air temperature and relative humidity



The output of the program's work is a table of heat gains into cold room from separate sources, their ratios and also the total heat gain, as well as a table of heat loads grouped by source categories and their total including safety factor.


The program allows to enter information about the customer and the project, as well as to get on paper or in electronic form a printout with the calculation results.


There is a comprehensive context-sensitive help file.





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